Demon Sphere is a planet roughly the size of Pluto, which is absolutely covered in cityscape. It is continually night, and the architecture resembles gothic architecture, so lots of spines and the occasional splash of colour via stained glass windows. Most of the residential buildings, the only exception being the Houses, are skyscrapers which function more as hives than anything resembling a home.

The dominant race of Demon Sphere are Tieflings, which is quite a feat considering that they’re infertile. The seven Houses of Demon Sphere breed with humans to essentially sire their entire army and community, and each tiefling owes its allegiance to one of the Houses (in theory, anyway).

As a result, humans who are generally left to their own devices in the city have formed into one tight-knit area known as “human territory”. Human society is hard to get into, but easy enough to fall out of. Falling out is usually associating with tieflings (or “demons” as everyone generally calls them, even though it’s a misnomer) in any fashion (working for demons, being friends with demons, having consensual sex with a demon, submitting to the rule of one of the Houses, being pregnant with a demon whether or not the sex was consensual), and since leaders of rebellion run the place, they can out whoever they want. If made clear that a person really genuinely regrets their actions, the leaders may be forgiving. Or they might turn you out into the cold.

The Houses would march on the territory if humans didn’t naturally breed themselves faster outside of captivity, and letting them have the hope of seeing a new era of change is enough to sustain them. So they forgive the deaths of tieflings stupid enough to wander in there, while the humans generally grow more bitter about their own losses across the city.

Elves, half-elves, and orcs all have small communities on Demon Sphere. Half-elves and orcs generally have it better than elves, since half-elves can’t breed with demons, and orcs are more than capable of defending themselves. Elves keep themselves to themselves and try not to bother anyone, and few of them are notable in any capacity beyond existing.

So, to summarize, Demon Sphere is a horrible place to live.


Each House is run by a Demon Lord. Because of the nature of Demon Sphere, it’s really only demons who manage to claw their way to the top. Running a House is a difficult job, and generally the first thing that qualifies someone to do so is fertility. A large portion of the force sent out in the name of any one House is directly descended from the Demon Lord who runs the show, even with Houses run by females. Then it’s just the case of managing martial, diplomatic, and personal control over the House, and between the other Houses until successfully established. The more houses there are, the more difficult it is, and no one has made a bid for true power in a very long time.

There are 7 Houses in total.

Notable Groups or NPCs

The law exists out of a necessity to keep murder and violence to a minimum. Generally the Demon Sphere PD’s job is to show up at the scene, break the noses of tieflings and people who are still dumb enough to fight, and calm things down so they stop disturbing the neighbours. Depending on which tieflings arrive first, sometimes the police are a bit harsher, or more lenient. Alliances to Houses doesn’t break the moment they enter the force, so each officer usually has their own personal agenda in addition to their duties.

A pretty minor tiefling character, he runs a pharmacy. He has the added benefit of making his drugs and potions on-site, which makes him a neutral character as he doesn’t need to accept money from the Houses. He keeps the House he was born from a secret, and holds no allegiance to it. He’s simply out to make enough money to support his hideously hedonistic lifestyle. While he is a scumbag, it’s more due to prevailing attitudes of the time and less to do with any personal awfulness. When the chips are down, he’ll be there, even if he complains about it.

Trevor Samael
A reclusive birdkeeper of House Samael, Trevor mostly keeps to himself. He seems to have connections to Crnobog, as no birds have been wild in Demon Sphere for as long as anyone can remember. He may have some favours that need doing by someone who’s more willing to go outside.

The Mad Doctor
A female tiefling alchemist known around the place as “The Mad Doctor”. No one knows her real name and, by extension, the house to which she belongs. She’s yet another neutral force, only she seems to be motivated by something else entirely. She’s been capturing all species and all genders to do sick and twisted experiments on them in the various laboratories she’s managed to secure across Demon Sphere. No one quite knows her goals or what she hopes to achieve with said experiments, as her subjects tend not to be able to speak after they’ve left her care. One way or another.

Demon Sphere

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