House Abaddon

House Abaddon is the loudest and largest of all the Houses. If House Abaddon moves in on territory, they make sure to let the whole world know it. Their brand of territory control is violent, and of all the Houses they are the best armed (though not necessarily the best trained). They’re used to sitting on top of the food chain with how large the family is, how popular The Pit remains, and how many fighters they have at their disposal. The only thing staying their hand from total conquest is their leader’s boredom with the current political stalemate, and his sole focus on The Pit.


The children of Abaddon resemble their father more than just physically. They’re fiercely competitive and spend almost as much time thrashing each other as they do their various enemies. No challenge is too insignificant to incite their desire to win, no fight too great for them to face. It just means that the thrill of overcoming it will be that much sweeter.

Abaddon’s scions tend to run tall, rarely below 6 ft, and thick, with a natural musculature that needs very little to keep up. Commonly they’re marked by scars from all sorts of things, gunshot wounds, claw marks, bites, blind eyes, missing hunks of ear, even missing or cracked horns for the unlucky ones. They have well developed claws on their feet and hands, and their skin tones tend towards a dark tan to a deep burnt orange. Their ram-like horns curl around their pointed ears, and their thick tails often have spines running along the length, finishing in a wickedly pointed spade.

Derogatory terms for them are knuckleheads, trogs, sharks, and throwbacks.

Business Interests

House Abaddon doesn’t control many chains or specific businesses, they prefer to amalgamate the things they take over. The few things they do own are a huge weapons industry, and sports mechandising for fights in The Pit. Sometimes they combine the two.


The demon himself is the most volatile and battle-hungry of the Lords. He has nothing to do with subtlety, and everything to do with fighting and the idea of proving oneself in battle. The only challenge he could get on the Sphere is from the other demon Lords, and even then they frustrate him by going behind his back or fooling him with trickery. No one dares take him one on one in the blood-caked sand of The Pit, because everyone knows who will ultimately come out alive.

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Abaddon is 7’7", tallest of the Lords. He has darkly tanned skin with an almost tortoiseshell pattern of dark brown shapes on his shoulders and down his back, narrowing until it reaches the base of his tail and disappears. His face is strong-jawed and usually clean-shaven, with dark red eyes and a strong nose that has clearly been broken a few times. His hair is black, curly, and unkempt, falling all over the place in unevenly cut mess. His horns are large like ram’s horns, curling around his pointed ears to taper off into points, and are about as thick as a fist. He has large and extremely batlike wings, the physiology of owning said wings evident in his muscular structure. As a result of his wings, he generally doesn’t wear a shirt. He ripples with muscles, gained through millennia of murder and warfare.
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His opinions on the other factions:
Azul: Sneakthieves and devils. The sooner I can wring them out of this world, the better.
Abaddon: We are the strongest House, and we’ll destroy anyone who says otherwise.
Lamia: Hmph. He’d be a good fighter if he had the balls to take me one on one instead of going behind my back.
Crnobog: A pathetic little wretch who I can’t wait to strangle.
Seth: She gets it.
Samael: A weakling and coward who hides in her palace of whispers.
Teivel: An eternal thorn in my side, and nothing more.
Humans: They’re boring, except the ones who fight in the Pit. Those have some backbone.

The Pit

It’s where Abaddon essentially lives and conducts all his business, so technically it is his house. It’s a big stadium structured more like a coliseum, with the seats all set up to look in on a pit filled with sand. It’s heavily magical, so Abaddon can change the obstacles presented or, in the case of special matches, even the locale. Occasionally The Pit is used as a punishment for criminals, where if they win they get off scot-free. Losing carries the usual penalty.


Generally a tournament is single combatant duels or team matches, with the ultimate prize being fame and enough money to set a lucky bunch up for life. The only caveat being they have to face Abaddon on the field and win. Teams will take on a specific colour, and single combatants will take on a nickname or emblem of some kind. The rest of the family will usually pick sides, and more often than not bicker or outright fight one another over their choices. It’s theorized if anyone ever beat Abaddon, the riots alone would destroy his territory.

House Abaddon

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