House Azul

House Azul is more of a classic house of devilry and debauchery. Their primogenitor, Lord Azul, strikes the classic figure of a devil. He manipulates people and offers deals to get what he wants, and the fruit of dealing with him is often quite sweet. It’s only when people taste the last bite that the rot reveals itself.


His children are more a collection of free spirits than really shrewd negotiators, but they take enough after him to realize when a deal will go sour for them. They’re not as picky with their company as their father, and will usually share the joy of sex with everyone. Even in their affectionate gestures they’re physical, lots of hugs and handshakes, as they thrive off physical contact.

Descendants of House Azul come in all shapes and sizes, their skin colour varying from a tawny to a demonic deep red tint. Their horns are small and curve shortly up towards above their heads, often hidden by those with larger hair than others. Their tails are whip-thin, and the spades that end them often look like hearts.

Derogatory terms for them are kittens, vampires, deceivers, and spiders.

Business Interests

House Azul has its claws in the sexual side of Demon Sphere. It generates its revenue via things like prostitution, strip clubs, sex shops, escort services, and costuming and lingerie stores. Being the spawn of a demon powerfully linked to sex, his children are simply the best of every house in terms of their abilities to please, and to cater to every type of need. They’re able to make a living, and Azul profits immensely through his tithe.


The ruler of House Azul is a man of wealth and taste. His vices are the simple joys of time spent in the company of attractive people, enjoying one another, but he doesn’t let it blind his political ambitions. He keeps several servants of varying genders about the house to help him do so. Even though he’s quite persuasive when it comes to getting people to do what he wants, he still believes payment should be tendered if that was the agreement. Often, he’ll finagle the deal so he doesn’t necessarily have to pay with money.

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He stands at about 6’4", shorter than most other Lords. His skin is a mix of brown and red tones, which he likes to either accentuate or show off in the clothing he wears. His hair falls in a dirty blonde mess, tucking itself into styles that would need gel to stay up. His horns are more developed versions of his descendants, sticking out from his temples and gently curving towards each other, thinning to points at the top. His wings are large, but instead of being bat-like demon wings they seem more like large black cloth which takes the shape of wings when he sees fit. They’re covered in ragged holes and scarring, and when he chooses he can fold them into a cape. His tail is thinner than many Lords and it thins out into a heart-shaped spade, like his children’s. All Lords can change their shape, but Azul is the one who makes use of it the most. At any time he can look like anyone, be anyone. The horns and tail stay no matter what form he takes, however.
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His opinions on the other factions:
Azul: Others may consider our services unnecessary, yet they come back with each rotation, expecting us to always be here. If I have my way, we will be.
Abaddon: My brother is a brute, but his exterior belies a cleverer mind than others give him credit for. He should be watched.
Lamia: Sometimes I wonder if he wants what I have. They say imitation is the sincerest form of flattery.
Crnobog: My spies haven’t told me much about my dear brother’s activities, and that worries me.
Seth: Loud, aggressive, and gaudy to her core. I thank the Hells that there’s a river between us.
Samael: My soft sister. I’m surprised she still remains. Our spies cross paths so often I’m starting to feel I should just extend dinner invitations formally.
Teivel: I have nothing but respect for her. She has enough to deal with from Abaddon without my interfering in her life.
Humans: An unfortunate concession, but a necessary one. Still, they do make delightful companions.

Casa de la Luna Naciente

Azul’s mansion, the physical representation of his House, sits on a fenced-in property somewhere nearer to the northern end of Demon Sphere. It’s definitely Spanish in its architectural influences, but as Spain doesn’t actually exist it’s more a blend of aesthetics than an intentional thing. Most of the lawn between the main gate and the house is an expanse of blue-green grass. Once inside the main gate, the driveway up to the door ends between the front double doors and the cobblestone path that circles around a massive fountain. The fountain depicts a demon male being seduced and murdered with a sword through the midriff by a demon female, the water being supposedly blood pouring out of the stab wound. The white cobblestone path leads in a circle around the house to the pool, though one route is more direct while the other tours through a garden full of miscellaneous cool-coloured flowers surrounded by a hedge. The garden has a few benches for sitting in.


Inside, the mansion is generally well-appointed. Azul shows a bias towards dark woods and hot colours while inside, to contrast his garden outside. He likes a lot of plushness around his chairs and beds, and everything seems to be both aesthetically appealing and built to last. His office is the most sober room in the house, containing a desk and some cabinets for filing designed to fit the contours of the round room.

House Azul

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