House Crnobog

House Crnobog stays at the top of the economical food chain through miserly business practices, thousands of years of sales experience, and a few shrewd investments. Always mentioned first is the dimensional travel aspects of their businesses, the Rifts, which is where everyone gets items not native to Demon Sphere. Being a focal point of the culture, Crnobog enjoys the ability to set the prices however he pleases knowing full well people have to pay up or go without. Though his spawn work in mostly Crnobog-owned stores, strictly for him of course, they’re always looking for ways to get their own devious slice of the pie.


His children are the stereotypical lawyer style of demon, all whip-thin and impishly built, with crisp cut suits that make them look even pointier somehow. From snake oil salesman to white collar criminal, every variety of thieving businessperson is represented in their ranks. Where Abaddon children prove themselves through physical combat, Crnobog’s children respect anyone who backstabs their way to the most wealth. It’s a cutthroat world, and when there’s blood in the water, Crnobog’s children are the first to get there.

Descendants of Crnobog are noticable for their gold-tinged tan skin. Their horns curl in towards their face, but never make it beyond being short, pointed stubs that extend from the end of their jaws and their temples. Their fangs tend to be blunter but there are two rows of them instead of just the one, with the largest being to the fore and a smaller, pointier row farther back. Eye colours range from golden to black. Tails are longer than usual, never reaching the same length as Crnobog’s, and exceptionally prehensile.

Derogatory terms for them are accountants, bookies, goldfingers, and hollows.

Business Interests

Of course, the Rifts. The Rifts are slices in the fabric of reality through which teams of practiced mages, under guard, pull items of interest from other places. His access to goods allows him to run the Demon Sphere equivalent of Wal-mart, selling indispensable items that draw money from every territory in Demon Sphere. For these reasons, Crnobog’s House is the most powerful financial force.


Not much is known about Crnobog. He’s primarily a recluse, preferring to stay in his home and monitor the outside world from the safety of its confines. Which is fair, considering every creature on the planet plots his demise with an absolutely vitriolic hatred. He has no one to blame but himself, however. Crnobog smooths through business opportunities with a smirk while screwing the other Lords out of millions of dollars, and they all know it. The home is a perfect reflection of the Lord himself, all gaudy richness with no warmth or comfort. Inside his soul is a rot more hateful than any of the other Lords, and it shows when deals go south, or his plans get intercepted. There are rumours going around that he enjoys the taste of human or tiefling flesh, and that his bedroom exploits make even seasoned prostitutes recoil.

Crnobog is 6’6". He has soft golden-brown skin, feeling much like human skin, short hair that falls stylishly messily about his head, though never interfering with his eyes. He has a vaguely noticeable under-bite and when he opens his mouth it reveals two rows of wickedly sharp teeth. His horns jut out from four locations (the ends of his jaw and his temples) and curve inwards over his face, leaving just enough room for his eyes to be visible. Crnobog appears to lack wings, but they are, in fact, his shadow. When he needs to fly, his shadow will absorb into his back and unfold into wings of pure darkness. He can hide his shadow at will, which will often make him seem strange and difficult to focus on, as though he was part of the air or the surrounding furniture. His tail is longer than other Lords’, able to wrap around his leg twice and still have the mobility necessary to pick up objects. Crnobog is built wiry and thin, his height making him seem like a menacing scarecrow.

His opinions on the other factions:
Azul: The great pretender. He likes to believe he is worth something.
Abaddon: A boorish brute, unworthy of consideration. I hope his little coliseum kills him one day.
Lamia: The heart that beats inside his chest is black and twisted, his every movement disgusts me.
Crnobog: Everyone who believes money isn’t power is fooling themselves. They act like they are in control, yet I hold all the cards.
Seth: A shameful waste of wealth, she fritters it all away on fancy parties and impressing people in the hopes someone will like her. Pathetic.
Samael: Dreamers and inebriates, letting their lives pass them by.
Teivel: She believes she has the strength to withstand any foe, but her small territory will be her financial undoing. I need only wait.
Humans: Cattle, in need of guidance and correction.

The Vault

Crnobog’s house on the outside resembles classical Italian architecture, with lots of columns and beautiful stonework. The first thing anyone notices about the place is how there are no windows. It resembles a box sealed tight save for the extremely small cork that is the door, barely holding on to all the mystery about what is inside. The lawns of wheat-like golden grasses appear to have been cut with scissors, their length is so precise. The entire building looks and feels dead on the outside, like a sucking negative space.


Crnobog has few guests, but those who have received an audience with the Lord report that his house was, on the inside, bedecked with splendour. The walls adorned with complex designs of demons of olden times made of gold, silver, platinum, precious jewels, veins of obsidian. The estimated value of the walls alone is worth more than the combined organs and incomes of everyone in his territory. Carpetted in red with tapestries in royal blues and purples, the mood of the home is that of extravagance. Crnobog’s room and office location are unknown, as all anyone really sees is the areas where Crnobog entertains; the foyer, ballroom, and dining room.

House Crnobog

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