House Seth

House Seth is united by a desire to be noticed by everyone and everything. From models and celebrities to punks and pornstars, as long as they draw attention to themselves. In fights they’re loud, at parties they’re louder, and none so loud as the Lord of the house herself, Seth. Her life is a never-ending festival of debauchery, and all she wants is to spread that party to the entire Sphere.


Seth’s children take after her in almost every respect personality-wise. Their blood curse makes them obligate extroverts, seeking the company and adulation of their friends and peers, but wilting when left without it for too long. A Seth child will do anything to get back into the public eye, no matter how gruesome.

Descendants of House Seth have tanned to olive skin tones, but always black hair with a green accent somewhere to match their eyes. Their horns are a larger version of Azul’s, with horns that make a C shape, curving towards the tops of their heads. Their tails are long, with shorter spades but more wicked points.

Derogatory terms for them are extras, mannequins, noisemakers, and bit players.

Business Interests

Though every House has its own fashion lines, none are as far-reaching and varied as Seth. Clothes make the person, and looking dynamic is the first step towards being noticed. Naturally, many of Seth’s children gravitate towards fashion design. Her House also manages many of the entertainment programs available, movies and shows being prime places to be seen and loved by millions of people.


The matriarch of House Seth lives at the epicentre of a 24/7 party. She drags interesting people from all over the Sphere into her clutches and parades them around, building a network of the movers and shakers around the Sphere. It doesn’t matter to her whether they’re Lords, tieflings, or even humans. If they’re popular or powerful, she wants to meet them, and know them. If they get more interesting than her, however, they might find it difficult to leave her company.

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Seth stands at 6’8”, with olive skin and electric green eyes. Her hair is black and varies in length depending on the day, looking like a sheet of midnight fabric, with a consistent streak of bright green at the front. Her horns start at her temples and curve almost to a circle before jutting straight upwards into two wicked points. While her wings are folded, they’re two almost invisible crystalline spikes sticking out of her back. But when Seth wants to impress they grow into full multifaceted emerald wings in which the shape of feathers can vaguely be seen in their glassy shape. Her tail is moderately thick, with a spade exactly like her children: short but with incredibly wicked points.
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Her opinions on the other factions:
Azul: He’s good looking enough, but all he ever wants to talk about is politics. Boring.
Abaddon: Probably the only honest man in this world. He needs to get over his problems and just fuck Teivel already.
Lamia: He’s a delight at parties, but don’t follow him home. There’s something weird about him.
Crnobog: Ugh. He’s a snake, and I get tired of trying to talk around the stick he’s got up his ass.
Seth: The House everyone wants to be, and why shouldn’t they? We’re perfection incarnate.
Samael: Boring. Next!
Teivel: My sister is far too serious for me to care about. She needs to get over her problems and just fuck Abaddon already.
Humans: They’re cute, I guess. Nice to have around. Their crying can get irritating.

Neon Scrapyard

Seth’s physical house takes the form of an old converted power plant with misshapen domes of black metal welded together on the sides like growths. Green lights shine out of the windows in the night, and the ground trembles in time to the music pumped into the interior. Seth eschews a lawn in favour of a concrete parking lot so her numerous guests can store their vehicles in safety.


Inside there’s an entrance hallway with a coat check. After passing through a small metal door with heavy bolts, the hallway emerges on to the party room proper. In the center is a huge pillar, large at the base and narrowing in the middle, stretching out like metal claws across the roof. The base is structured to serve as a bar, metal shelves worked into the design, surrounded by counters with stools. In the middle Seth’s throne is set into the worked metal, lined with velvet and covered in cushions so it’s plush and comfortable, large enough to sleep in. There are banquet tables fed by kitchens that never stop working, and past the kitchens are her living quarters. Seth has one finely appointed room to herself where she conducts her breeding, and the other hundreds of rooms are meant exclusively for guests. The corridors of her home are a maze, and only a key from Seth will make it so guests make it to their rooms without getting lost.

House Seth

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