House Teivel

House Teivel is steadfast, enduring, and loyal. Where Abaddon is an unstoppable force, Teivel is an immovable object. Every inch of her territory was fought for with tooth and nail, but once in her possession she held that ground for thousands of years. Her territory slowly expands like a glacier moving downhill, and it’s only a matter of time until it consumes everything.


Teivel’s descendants seem to be very cold, aloof individuals. They do everything by a strict personal code of duty and excellence. This isn’t to say they never lighten up, they just prefer to do things methodically and to the best of their ability. Teivels often romanticize the medieval notion of quests or swearing their loyalties to someone, as that direct understanding of a purpose is something they crave.

Descendants of House Teivel tend to have very dark or earthy skin tones, from dark grey to deep brown, and contrasting amber or bright purple eyes. Their horns are thick, starting at their temples and curving upwards with a single branch, like a thick set of faun antlers. Their tails are thick, jet black, and scaled like a dragon’s tail, many of them having small or no spades. Their hands and feet are claws, with a pattern of scales that extends up their forearm and fades on their biceps. They also have scales about their necks that resemble a gorget.

Derogatory terms for them are crags, lizards, crusaders, and icehearts.

Business Interests

House Teivel runs the mail and courier services around Demon Sphere, as everyone knows no one else could be trusted to be as dutiful as a Teivel. They also run the public transportation system for much the same reason. Not exactly glamourous jobs, but they’re required services, and House Teivel is there.


Teivel is a woman of indomitable will. Though Abaddon in particular tries to destroy her small holding, she rebuffs his every attack time and time again. She prides herself on being an immovable wall, and knows that through patience and judicious action she will become powerful. She prepares for every eventuality, running through scenarios in her war room, trying to anticipate every strike before it lands. Her speech tends to be very imperious, cold, and clipped.

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Teivel stands at 7’0”, with soft purple skin that fades to darker as it approaches her scales. Her arms, legs, and neck are all covered in a pattern of thick black scales that are impossible to pierce with conventional and most magically enhanced weaponry. Her hands and feet are claws like her descendants, black and wickedly sharp. Her long black hair falls from the back of her skull as the front of her head is taken up by a massive set of horns. Their curve outlines a large oval, and on the side facing out from her body thick, sharp branches break off at even points along their length, at the top the horns turn back on each other in a fussy curl. Teivel often ornaments her horns with jewelry. Her wings are large and feathered, and their iridescent colours make them resemble a parrot’s wings. Her tail is a large draconic one that swipes through the air when she’s agitated.
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Her opinions on the other factions:
Azul: My brother believes his war may be conquered through words, and even I do not know if he is wrong.
Abaddon: A fool, and a brute. He believes he can wear me down. He is sorely mistaken.
Lamia: He wastes his time playing the gracious host and indulging himself. He will find himself unprepared when his siblings destroy him.
Crnobog: He believes his Vault is as good a fortress as mine. Laughable.
Seth: An untamed mess who I am ashamed to call my sister.
Samael: I do not believe she is as weak as she is believed to be. We shall see.
Teivel: Ours is the strongest. We will endure, we will survive, and one day we will thrive.
Humans: A regrettable necessity that I will one day be free of.

The Fortress

Teivel’s mansion is a complicated, curling spire that boggles the mind attempting to decipher its architecture. The only proper lighting it gets is when, from a storm cloud Teivel has parked over her property, lightning flashes to reveal it. The impossibly folded, spiny roofs and walls are bedecked with statues of gargoyles or ancient demons crawling towards her front door. There are several balconies encircling the building, most of them acting as staircases to upper floors. On the 20th and final floor there is a single turret with a large balcony, around which the majority of the gargoyle statues are clustered. This is where Teivel surveys her domain. The grasses on her lawn are dark and allowed to overgrow slightly.


The interiors are a much different story. Soft yellow light spills from chandeliers and lamps in the hallways, complimenting the varying purple hues of the walls and ceiling, which are often paneled with mirrors to make them seem much wider and more confusing. There are rumours that some mirrors are even secret passageways, though no one has tested them. Teivel’s servants are well-dressed, silent human males, which some theorize to be her breeders. Most of the furniture is of black wood and more comfortable than it appears. Teivel’s war room occupies the 19th floor, with the 20th being her living quarters.

House Teivel

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